Week Three Activities and Assignments

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Week in Review:

Before class starts next Monday (6/6), you’ll have accomplished the following:

  • Completed a second week of Daily Shoot Assignments
  • Finished your segment of the May 11 DS106 Radio Show
  • Created at least one audio bumper/commercial for our show.
  • Learned how to use Audacity to edit your audio and, perhaps, how to use various tools to broadcast live on DS106 Radio
  • Continued to blog about the class and share your work.
  • Listened and responded to the third and fourth TAL episodes.
  • Met with Martha about your progress in Ds106

Tuesday (5/31)

  • Choose a theme for our radio show
  • Choose a host(s) for the show
  • Introduction to Ds106 Radio by Jim Groom


  • Blog about what you’ll be working on for your radio show.
  • Complete a 30-90 second Sound Effect Story:
    • Create a short narrative (no longer than 30-90 seconds) made up entirely of sound effects that you have found online (not created yourself)
    • Find sound effects from the list of Sound Resources on this page
    • Use Audacity (or Myna, if you prefer) to edit the effects together and create a coherent story.
    • Try to be creative when you choose a narrative to enact with effects — try to avoid the “Sound Effects of Waking up in the Morning” (it’s been done A LOT, and it’s kind of boring)
    • Upload your final Mp3 to a site like SoundCloud and embed it in a post on your blog. tag:soundeffectstory
  • Make sure you’ve signed up for a meeting with Martha.

    Wednesday (6/1)

    • Workshop time for show


    • Work on your radio segment
    • Complete your bumper(s)

    Thursday (6/2)

    • Review Bumpers
    • Workshop time for show


    • Work on your radio segment

    Friday (6/3)

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