Week One Activities and Assignments

Week in Review:

Before class starts next Monday (5/23), you’ll have accomplished the following:

  • Read and participated in discussion about Campbell, Web 2.0, and Creative Commons readings. Viewed and participated in discussion about Wesch presentation.
  • Set up and begun to use your Twitter and Flickr accounts.
  • Set up your own Personal Cyberinfrastructure.
  • Begun to blog about the class and share your work.
  • Started Daily Shoot project.
  • Completed your 5-Card Flickr Story
  • Listened and responded to first TAL episode.

Monday 5/16/11

  • Introductions & Stories
  • Syllabus Review and Discussion of What DS106 Is/Is Not
  • Overview of Purchasing Web Host and Domain Name


Tuesday 5/17/11

  • Discussion of Campbell and Wesch
  • Twitter talk/demonstration
  • Workshop on setting up Web host/domain and configuring WordPress.


Wednesday 5/18/11

  • Discussion of Web 2.0 and Creative Commons
  • Choose TAL Episodes for next week
  • Workshop on installing and configuring WordPress


  • Share information about your blog’s url in the Class Directory.
  • Set up a Flickr account if you do not already have one. Share information about your account id in the Class Directory. Upload at least five public photos to your account.
  • Install a Flickr plugin on your site and connect it to your Flickr account.
  • Install Simple Twitter Connect on your site and connect it to your Twitter account. The goal is to have a tweet created automatically each time you publish a post on your blog.
  • Write your first blog post: share a story, tell us about yourself, outline your goals for DS106, etc. Tag: firstpost.

Thursday 5/19/11

  • Introduction to Visual/Design Storytelling
  • Introduction to Flickr and Daily Shoot
  • Workshop on more WordPress Configuration & 5-Card Flickr Story


  • Complete your 5-Card Flickr Story and share it on your blog (using the provided embed code on the 5-Card Flickr site). Tag:5cardflickr
  • Review the Visual and Design assignments for DS106 and choose 4 to work on next week (blog your choices)
  • Listen to TAL episode (#1 Party School) and blog response. Tag: tal
  • Begin Daily Shoot. Upload daily shoot photos to your flickr account and make sure you tag them with “ds106” and the daily shoot tag “dsXXX” which is listed on each daily shoot assignment.


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