Week Four Activities and Assignments

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Week in Review:

Before class starts next Monday (6/13), you’ll have accomplished the following:

  • Completed a third week of Daily Shoot Assignments
  • Participated in the DS106 live radio broadcast
  • Listened (and responded) to the fourth and fifth episodes of This American Life
  • Completed your Web Storytelling assignment
  • Begun working on your Video assignment

Monday (6/6)

  • Live Radio Brodcast


  • Download and Install Notepad++ (Windows) or TextWrangler (Mac)

Tuesday (6/7)

  • Discussion of Recordings for Someone
  • Choice of fourth TAL episode
  • Web Storytelling Demonstration


  • Work on your Web Story
  • Listen (and respond) to fourth episode of This American Life

Thursday (6/9)


  • Install any necessary software tools for your video story
  • Work on your video storytelling assignment (due Wednesday, 6/15). Choose one of the following to complete:
    • Video Essay
    • Choose Your own Video Adventure (Don’t like any of these assignments? Make up your own video assignment, blog about what you’re going to do by Saturday 6/11, and make sure to submit it as an assignment idea on the main DS106 site.)
  • Listen (and respond) to the fifth episode of This American Life .

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