Week Five Activities and Assignments

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Week in Review:

By the end of this week you will have:

  • Completed your video assignment.
  • Participated in a discussion about our final episode of This American Life (Godless America).
  • Wrote your final reflection post on your blog.
  • Archived your site on UMW Blogs or elsewhere, if necessary.
  • Completed the final project in class during exam period.

Monday (6/14)


  • Continue working on your video project

Tuesday (6/15)

  • Discussion of Godless America
  • Video production workshop time


  • Complete your video project (due on Wednesday, 6/16)
  • Write a final reflective post on your blog in which you address the following (due on Thursday 6/17):
    • Which do you think was your strongest project for Ds106? What (if anything) would you change or revise about it if given more time.
    • What advice would you give to future Ds106 students?
    • How would you define “digital storytelling?”
    • How do you think what you have learned in this class will impact you in the future?

Wednesday (6/16)

This day is actually the official reading day for summer session. We will not be having a formal class, but I will be available in duPont 310 from 10 until noon to help anyone who wants to migrate their blog from Cast Iron Coding to another (free) space like UMW Blogs or WordPress.com. You must archive your site somewhere, but if you prefer to not keep paying for Web hosting, this is an option for you.

Your video project is due today.

Thursday (6/17)

Final Exam: We will be meeting for class this day and completing a final project during the class period.

Also, your final reflective blog post is due today.

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