Talk about a mid-life crisis..

I would like to pose a statement about the effects of religion on the brain. Both Marti and Sue were odd in comparison to the other members of their sudo families.  I think that since Sue was born from  a family of fundamental christians,  her brain operated in similar ways as her religious parents.  Marti however was not born from religious parents and therefor her brain operated differently or at least in a more open way.  I am a true believer that religious beliefs (especially strict) alter the “filter” in our brains.  Brain functions of parents are passed down to their kids and shape the personality of the child. That is why I believe that the brain can determine  a person’s personality and not nuture alone.  Why else would Marti (I think) have sounded exactly like her mom when she greatly lacked the nuturing from Kay McDonald?

If hell is hot, is heaven cold? If so I’m gonna enjoy this 72 degree night while I can.

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