Oh Noes! The #ds106 site is down!

Doesn’t it just suck when technology doesn’t work — particularly when it’s the Web site for your online class the night that all your work is due? Luckily, you have an awesome instructor who will just give you a couple days of extension, right? WRONG! If you’re waiting until the last minute to do your work […] Continue reading

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What’s in a Week One?

Sunday was the deadline for students in this fall’s section of ds106 at UMW to complete their work for the first 7 days of class. This semester, the first two weeks of class have been constructed as a “ds106 Boot Camp.” Alan and I decided that before students really delved into the hard work of […] Continue reading

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Perfecting the Syndicated Blog Sign-Up

It’s hard to believe that Camp Magic MacGuffin finished weeks ago, and in another five days (yikes!), a new session of ds106 starts up here at UMW. Alan and I ended up really tearing our hair out for the first few weeks of CMM trying to get everyone signed up with their blogs in FeedWordPress […] Continue reading

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Summer Camp, DS106 Style

This summer, I’m honored to be co-teaching DS106 with my new colleague, Alan Levine. We’re going to be teaching the class entirely online over 10 weeks. In typical DS106-fashion, we’ve invited the Web to participate. The class will be made up of a group of enrolled students at UMW as well as a cohort of […] Continue reading

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The Cult of 4LIFE

I don’t know about the accusation that DS106 is ‘over-branded.’ I think it’s far more accurate to acknowledge that it is a definitely a cult. To that end, I reworked this TIME magazine cover. (Next up: I want to figure out how to animate those tentacles.) Continue reading

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I’m spending this weekend all alone, and taking advantage of the peace and quiet to explore some new #ds106 assignments. Here’s my fantasy TED talk: I can’t explain it, but I went through a period in my mid-20′s when I was totally addicted to the Teletubbies. I found the show fascinating — and watching it […] Continue reading

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Another four icons

Yeah, I know the current SOB iteration of DS106 covered design/visual a few weeks ago, but I had this idea for another 4 icon challenge tonight and decided to throw it together.

Continue reading

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7-11-11 ds106 Live Broadcast: Web Storytelling

In today’s video Tim Owens and I take you through the Web Storytelling assignment step-by-step. This assignment is due Wednesday at midnight. Please post it to your blog and tag it as “webstories” (no quotes). Please note the ds106 radio shows are due tonight (7/11) at midnight and the shows will air tomorrow starting at […] Continue reading

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Some examples of ds106 radio shows and bumpers

It occurred to me that Jim Groom, given his altered state, may not have given the class some examples of radio shows that have been done already in what was once simply #ds106. Therefore I have taken it upon myself, as a good professor, to provide you with some solid examples of both radio shows […] Continue reading

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7-7-11 Live Broadcast: Jim Groom Missing, Assignment Reminder, and Web Storytelling

What follows is a copy of the email I will be sending out to the ds106 Summer of Oblivion course members shortly. All, Here is the link to today’s abbreviated course session: Keeping up with the ds106 Radio Show In light of Jim Groom’s disappearance, I think I need to step in and establish some […] Continue reading

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